Dragons are a hexapodal, sapient species that was once widespread in Gera. More skilled in natural magic than any other being by far, their use of natural magic has even been likened to a far more powerful version of Epzinic magic. Dragons and humans have competed for millennia, but following the Dark Ages dragons began to decline, as humans needed far less food to support themselves. Although dragons could live for thousands of years, they would spend much of that time in an extended torpor, waiting for their reserves of natural magic to recharge. As of Geran Year 1800, there are two known dragons in all of Gera: Savior of the Sharpened and Firepit Draconid.


Dragons vary immensely from one another in physical appearance. However, they are all capable of interbreeding. Such an event is rare, however, as even during their golden age dragons likely numbered less than 3,000. Despite resembling reptiles, they are an extremely divergent animal lineage; they are as related to reptiles and amphibians as humans are.

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