Struggle for Gera Wiki
Basic Information
Semo "Ignea" Rikera
Born in
Year 1766
Ragh, Dugong Island
Human (augmented)
The Dark Canopy, The Islands (formerly)
Jasper (formerly)
The Panthiors, Rah'Mut, Habuero
Yakov, Caius, Lorewell, Rinwald

Ignea (Royal: Ignea) is a playable character in Struggle for Gera. Formerly known as Semo Rikera (Royal: Semo Rikera), Ignea was a prodigious biologist who was later given superhuman abilities by Jasper Barnes Gilberstein, and was later given guardianship of the forest upon the death of Habuero. She currently acts as a rogue warlord of the Dark Canopy who commands of an army of beasts, as well as the Panthiors who gave her the moniker "Ignea".


Early Life[]

Semo Rikera was born to a noble family in Kenji, the capital of Emanto. Her parents were both academics, and though they were not the most affluent of nobles, their connections ensured that Rikera had access to excellent tutelage. Rikera quickly became interested in studying the various lifeforms around her, and her tutors encouraged this interest. By the time she was 14, she had been placed in the pool of applicants to Yaspa University, one of the most prestigious universities in the Islands. Despite being two years younger than the average applicant and an 'Aloai, she was accepted due to the way in which she had meticulously documented and studied the lifeforms around her village.


After earning her degree in biology at Yaspa within three years, she began to travel around her home island to research of its lifeforms. She published several papers on her discoveries, though her most revolutionary one was her study of the Kerito rats. They were a virulent rat species that exclusively inhabited the duchy of Kerito, where they were a frequent threat to livestock. They seemed to act as if they were a hivemind, stripping animals to the bone as one. Rikera found that they were anatomically no different from the common mainland rat, but instead she hypothesized that the roots of the Kerito aspen they chewed on gave them access to a natural magic which enabled their hivemind. Soon after publishing her findings, a colleague told her of a similar hivemind phenomenon that was rumored to occur in some animals around western Efsisi, and that she should go to Sand City to gain her bearings. She agreed that was a good idea, so she left Middle Man's Creek behind to head to the mainland.