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Basic Information
Kenedi Fayaduri
Born in
Year 1726
The Royal Dominion
Netkhal, Yuhan
The Snow Empire
Peerage Rank
Head Courtier
Head of the Magical Court (formerly), Chief Advisor to Caius
Kenedi Ashuyan, Jifa Geroi
Ghi Natana (formerly)
Kenedi Jon, Kenedi Biku, Kenedi Diyori
Jasper, Ignea, Darfler
Card Description
The Bread Bin

Kenedi Fayaduri (Royal: Kenedi Fayaduri), also known as Sir Kenedi or simply Kenedi, is Chief Advisor to King Caius. Though he served as Head of the Snow Empire's Magical Court for over fifty years, soon after King Fyuri's assassination he decided to side with Caius during the Struggle for Gera, contrary to most of his fellow courtiers. He currently occupies an extremely influential position in Caius's court.


Early Life[]

Kenedi was born to mother and Head of the Magical Court Kenedi Ashuyan. His father was Jifa Geroi, a well-known sorcerer and Battlist monk from the Island of Froi with noble Yuhan roots. Like many of the parents of the Snow Empire's head courtiers, Jifa was sought by the King of his time in order to improve the Head of the Magical Court that would be his offspring. Jifa Geroi would accept the offer, and live with Ashuyan for approximately two years. Six months into his stay Ashuyan became pregnant. Though Jifa would witness the first years of his son Fayaduri's life, he would soon depart back to Froi. Though Kenedi would grow up knowing his father's name and occupation, the two would never meet again. Kenedi lived most of his early life in the Royal Palace, cared for primarily by teachers and advisors, as all young heads of court were. He received a classical education in magic, literature, writing, and rhetoric. Though he excelled in every subject he studied, the King was delighted to find that the boy's talents in magic seemed to surpass those of his both his parents. By the time he was 16, it was agreed that the best course of action would be to send Kenedi to Letham University, Gera's most prestigious educational institute.

Time at Letham[]

Kenedi went to Letham under a pseudonym in order to avoid detection. Though he continued to excel academically, he became isolated due to his lack of contact with the outside world. This came to a head when Kenedi fell in love with a student named Tevar Ika. Tevar was almost as magically powerful as Kenedi himself and she came from a noble Mighelayn family that held considerable sway in Izla, so Kenedi knew that the King would accept her. She repeatedly rebuffed his advances, however. This caused Kenedi's loneliness to drive him to seek some kind of human contact outside of the university. Though he was already a fervent Battlist, Kenedi soon found himself embroiled in the cults that were abound in the area. His prodigious magic talent and the depth of his knowledge attracted considerable attention in these cults despite his youth and lack of social skills. Kenedi's knowledge of magic expanded even further as he learned of many techniques that were not taught in even the highest levels of academia. In several of these cults, however, Kenedi began to notice that the one man, like him, attended the meetings of several cults but never seemed to become particularly devoted to any of them. Kenedi would seek out the man, and find out that he went by Jerbik Baro-Gabae.

Relationship with Jerbik[]

Like Kenedi, Jerbik was fascinated with all forms of magic, as well as history and literature. He too seemed to look beyond academia and convention to probe the unknown of magic. Though Kenedi was initially highly suspicious of Jerbik, due to his criminality and much lower social status relative to Kenedi, the ways in which he analyzed magic and spirituality drew Kenedi in. He began to neglect his studies to meet with Jerbik, and for the next three years of Kenedi's education they would frequently meet, attend cult gatherings, and discuss potential ways in which magic could be furthered. Kenedi would eventually come to fall in love with Jerbik, but due to the pain he still suffered over being rejected by Tevar and the stigma of falling in love with a male criminal would incur in the Royal Dominion, Kenedi never made his feelings known. Kenedi still managed to complete his education, and he left Letham to return to the Royal Dominion in 1747 GY. He wouldn't maintain correspondence with Jerbik, and the two would not see or hear from one another for decades. Over the years, Kenedi would suppress his feelings, and by the time he met Jerbik again he had likely buried them so deep that they only lingered faintly, in his subconscious.

Archmage Career[]

Despite leaving university without a doctorate, Kenedi would continue his education by reading copious amounts. He would remain in the Royal Dominion for most of the remainder his career. Kenedi would be the main magical tutor of King Fyuri, and continued to stay by his side even after he had ascended to the throne. He would also secretly continue to secretly brainstorm ideas for how to take magic, both natural and epzinic, to greater heights. He conducted studies into the natural magic of Osyans, as well as the Danoians following their discovery. Despite constant pressure from the other courtiers, Kenedi refused to marry, but in the year 1773 he eventually caved in. Relatively well-known mage and performance artist Ghi Natana was selected as his wife. Despite the fact that she bore Kenedi three children, their relationship was loveless. In the year 1777, she was allowed to leave the Royal Palace, having fulfilled her duty to the Empire. Kenedi, growing more resentful on the system he had prospered in, began idly dreaming of ways seize the throne for himself, thinking of the good he thought he could bring to the Snow Empire were he able to rule. It began to preoccupy more and more of his thoughts, though it would not be until the year 1782 GY when he would see an opportunity.


Kenedi is among the most powerful mages living in Gera, due to the Snow Empire's mate selection that had been continuing for hundreds of years prior to his birth. He is especially proficient at wielding telekinetic barriers, a skill he cultivated due to his pacifistic lifestyle. If not for said pacifism, Kenedi would be an even more formidable foe. Once enraged, he was able to easily best Jasper in a fight, a mage who was also incredibly competent in his own right. He is also knowledgeable in the realms of magic, history, alchemy, and even biology, befitting his education and interests.


Although he is highly intelligent, Kenedi is both deeply pious and deeply emotional. Over time, Kenedi has attempted to suppress his emotions; the only one he has continued to cultivate is his lust for power. He held his Battlism highly, having taken a pledge of pacifism, something only done by the most devout Battlists. Despite this, he would often fall into rage, sadness, or devotion. He has little respect for those he perceives as beneath him, such as Darfler or Calman. He is also somewhat deferential to those above him in authority, though he will compromise this principle if it means gaining more power.