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King Fyuri
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Basic Information
Snow Vega Lukisu Fyuri
Born in
Year 1740
The Royal Province
1/2 Netkhal, Yuhan 1/2 'Aloai
The Snow Empire
Snow Dunkel, Dak Andabera

Snow Vega Lukisu Fyuri (Royal: Mësit Vehë Lukisu Fyuri), King of Chela, ruler of the Middleman realms and Emperor of the Snow Empire, most commonly known as King Fyuri, was the ruler of the Snow Empire from Geran Years 1755 to 1800. In 1800, he was assassinated by the rogue mage Kahner. His death left the royal family without a direct heir, ending the Snow Dynasty, destabilizing the Snow Empire, and kickstarting the Struggle for Gera.

Early Life[]

King Vega Kulisu was the first child born to reigning King of the Snow Empire, Snow Dunkel. His mother was Dak Andabera, an 'Aloai woman who had been causing great unrest in Saipul. King Dunkel, at the time only 22 years old, became captivated by Andabera after witnessing her behavior during an interrogation. Though his original plan had been to start a genocidal campaign against the 'Aloai, Dunkel crafted a deal in which he would ask for the hand of Dak Andabera in marriage in exchange for lowered tributes and slightly increased autonomy for the 'Aloai regions of the Snow Empire. Knowing that refusing might mean death for her people, Andabera reluctantly accepted. Though a peasant woman marrying into the Snow Empire's royal family was unheard of and the decision caused great controversy, Dunkel was adamant. And as the only known descendant of the original Snow royal line, his advisors and cabinet were forced to comply. The marriage was painted as the ultimate offering of peace between the Netkhal and the 'Aloai. Andabera was forced to leave her family behind to travel to the Royal Province. A year later, she died giving birth to her first child. Though she died, her child survived, and was given the name Snow Vega Lukisu.

Andabera's death caused King Dunkel to spiral into a depression. He rarely left his chamber, and most of his duties, including raising his son, were left to his advisors and court. Dunkel refused to remarry, so the young prince was the last direct descendant of the royal line. As such, his caregivers sheltered him heavily, and many closest to him tried to curry favor with the prince. When Vega Lukisu was 15 years old, his father apparently boarded a small raft and left out to sea, never to be seen again. In a few months Vega Lukisu was crowed as the new King, and was given the royal name Fyuri, meaning "precocious".