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Mage's Bane is a mineral substance imbued with natural magic that inhibits Epzinic magic in a radius around it. Though it is relatively expensive to produce, its use is widespread in Gera, in the the form of pendants, weapons, constructions, and more. Any human touching a Mage's Bane item that's larger than a thimble, or even is just in the vicinity of a large enough volume of Mage's Bane, is completely unable to utilize Epzinic magic. However, they are also completely protected from telekinesis, repel Epizinic barriers, and are even somewhat protected from heat and light-based Epzinic attacks.


Mage's Bane is created by refining soil dug from a certain through a series of chemical processes. Though it is found throughout the entire continent of Gera, the concentration of Mage's Bane is strongest in the Laseet Island Chain and the western Bread Bin, and as such it is there that most Mage's Bane refineries are. Mage's Bane is present in very small concentrations; even in the richest areas, a cube of soil the height of a man yields about few grains of Mage's Bane, and making a pendant takes about a five hundred cubes worth of soil.


In addition to other types of Epzinic magic, Mage's Bane blocks all magical healing, which can be detrimental on the battlefield.

The effects of Mage's Bane, like all substances that employ natural magic, will weaken and eventually cease to function with use. How fast it weakens is directly proportional to how much Epzinic magic it stops; the average person with a Mage's Bane pendant can expect it to last 100 or even 200 years even if they wear it daily, and as such Mage's Bane artifacts are often passed through families. Someone who frequently faces mages in combat, however, will likely have to change pendants every 2 to 5 years.