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Netkhal is a ethno-cultural classification used by people in Gera for humans who are thought to have originated from Middle Man's Creek. Along with the Migelayn and the Wailoloyan, the Netkhal are one of the three major divisions into which the humans of Gera classify themselves. The Netkhal people, via two primary waves of migration, have spread to many areas in Gera, though Middle Man's Creek, the eastern Bread Bin, and some areas of Efsisi are the main population centers. In Battlist lore, the Netkhal people were those who stayed neutral in the war between Winter and Mighel. To avoid the conflict it is said that they fled to the edges of the world.

Netkhal Subgroups[]

The Netkhal are divided into four main large groups. The Netkhalyen inhabited Middle Man's Creek and parts of Dugong Island. The Yuhanyen, who generally have about 10% Waioloyan ancestry, inhabit the eastern coast of the continent and parts of Efsisi. The Shaiyan inhabit the central Bread Bin, and the Baryan, with 40% Waioloyan ancestry on average, inhabit the central Bread Bin.


  • East Netkhalyan
  • West Netkhalyan
  • Tukon


  • Yuhan
  • Setulyan


  • Shaikiiyan
  • Bazayan


  • Baryan