New calp.png
The emblem of the New Calpirites, featuring the rooster found in a Battlist parable

The New Calpirites, colloquially known as the Rooster Gang due to the rooster featured in their emblem, are a quasimilitary organized crime syndicate and terrorist organization. It is by far the largest crime syndicate in Gera. Though they originated in the Bread Bin, they are extremely active in Zeminar, and they are attempting to increase their influence in Efsisi as well. Though they are nominally a Battlist organization whose stated goal is to create a new Calpirium modeled after the example of Cal, in practice they fund their attempts to conquer territory primarily by engaging in protection rackets, robbery, smuggling illegal substances or weapons, and human trafficking. Due to the anarchy brought on by the Struggle for Gera, the New Calpirites were able to secure control of relatively large swathes of territory in the Bread Bin.

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