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The Snow Dynasty was the royal family of that ruled the Snow Empire. It began with Snow Yue-Han, who took control of the Chela collective in Geran year 1349, and ended with the death of King Vega Lukisu Fyuri, killed in 1800. Rule was originally passed from father to eldest son, and to the king's oldest brother if there were no sons. The ascension of Queen Emira in 1494, however, established that the throne could be claimed by the King's eldest daughter if there were no eligible sons or brothers. Though relatives of the Snow Dynasty are still alive, there are no remaining members of the male line and King Fyuri never had children. As a result, the 450-year-old dynasty is considered extinguished.


Struggle for Gera[]

8-year-old Nin Mi has become the focus of the Royal City. Though other relatives of the Snow Dynasty had existed, Caius killed, arrested, or allied with nearly all of them. Nin Mi, however, managed to escape detection until his mother, Nei Hela, had sought the protection of the Royal City. She claimed that her late husband, Nin Dinamo, was the great-great-grandson of Snow Karu, a daughter of Queen Rugen. Snow Hehi, she claimed, survived the massacre carried out by her uncle, King Lonsank, but was so traumatized that she fled the Royal Palace, changing her name and marrying a noble. The legend had been secretly passed through Nin Dinamo's family for generations. The remaining courtiers latched out this, and Nin Mi is touted by them as the true heir to the throne.


Throughout the history of the Snow Dynasty, there have been several kings and two queens who ruled the Snow Empire. Though they are given a normal name at birth, for centuries it has been tradition for a monarch to take a royal name upon ascending to the thrown, which their primary name from there on out.

Birth Name Royal Name Father Mother Birth Rule Marriage(s) Death Notes
Mesno Yue-Han Snow


Mesno Karim Kando Luak 1312 1349-1404 1404 First ruler of the Snow Dynasty. Changed his family name from "Mesno" to "Snow" upon his ascension to the throne.
Mingo Kadai Furbin King


Lox Nin Mai 1627 1653-1658
Sashen Rugen Prince Likat Chin Wei Ji 1635 1658-1696 1696 The Hundred Moon's Hunger was one of the most tumultuous times for the Royal

family. Several successors to the throne were killed, many in a massive riot that managed to breach the Royal Palace's defenses. In the aftermath of her

grandfather's, and then her uncle's death, Snow Sashen was the most direct descendant of the royal line, and thus she became the Snow Empire's

second queen in all of history. She managed to quell the rebellions in the Bread BIn and Efsisi. Despite not marrying, she had two children by

Kenedi Dratyu, archmage of the royal court.

Kadai Vega Lonsank Kenedi Dratyu Queen Rugen 1670 1696-1733 Tutena Mai Kertan Loi (1689)

Shasta Ira (1698)

1733 An accomplished mage who took power after his mother, Queen Rugen, was

assassinated. Ruled for 40 years, but eventually he snapped, declaring the royal

family corrupt and killing twelve people before he was apprehended, six of whom

were the remaining members of his royal line.

Gandebar Kadama Dunkel Gai Kadama Snow Kaya 1717 1733-1755 Dak Andabera (1739) ??? Product of a forbidden union between Princess Snow Kaya and Gai Kadama,

the chief royal gardener. As both he and his mother were banished from the castle,

they were the only members of the Royal family proper who survived King

Lonsank's massacre and thus Snow Gadama was made King.

Vega Lukisu Fyuri King Dunkel Dak Andabera 1740 1755-1800 1800 The final king of the Snow Dynasty.