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About Struggle for Gera
Struggle for Gera, or "SFG", is an in-progress digital trading card game with five playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. The player's objective is to reduce their opponent's health to zero, and there are two types of cards which help to accomplish that—monster and action cards. Monsters take their place on the battlefield, enact their abilities on the opponent, and attack as soon as the player wishes them to. Each monster has a power value; a combination of the conventional attack and health values. Actions, however, are anything from magical spells or complex battle tactics which supplement their efforts. To use a card, a player must expend either their monster tokens or their action tokens depending on what type of card they wish to use. Each player receives three monster tokens and action tokens at the beginning of their turns; these tokens function as a form of income to be spent rather than a replenishing resource.
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