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The Scrolls are the primary religious text of Battlism. Its exact authors number in the dozens, and it is likely that ideas from hundreds of poets, philosophers, mystics, and prophets were written into it.


In Geran Year 274, Chieftain Grité Milan of Isila had become fascinated by the tales of Cal and the creation dieties, most often known by names similar to Mighel and Winter, that had been circulating in his domain. He was annoyed, however, at how contradictory and impossible to reconcile the various tales were. The vague tales told by merchants from other Migelayn chieftains and kingdoms differed even more. Therefore, he decided to send emissaries to all the other Migelayn realms, asking them to suspend any hostilities they might have towards his chiefdom and to send a few of their greatest scholars, poets, and mystics to find the true history of the world. Most other states accepted, and Grité, true to his word, accepted them and set them to work on a series of scrolls. The tales that went into the creation of these scrolls were mostly ones that the scholars had heard in their homelands, but they worked to reconcile the different details and make the overarching narrative consistent. Several scholars left or died while the Scrolls were being created, but more would be sent to fill their place.


The following are a list of the individual books of the Scrolls, and their main focus. As there are no authors, they are all named after the first word of the passage in its original Old Zeminaran.

Title Description
World The book describes very little about Mighel and Winter or Batlism. Instead, it is a text that deals with what might be called epistemology.
Void Describes the primeval void of chaos that existed before Mighel and Winter, and Mighel and Winter's first moments of existence.
Expanse A compilation of morality tales involving the animals of the world created by Winter.