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Netkhal is a ethno-cultural classification used by people in Gera for humans who are thought to have originated from mainland Gera's surface. Along with the Mighelayn and the Netkhal, the Waioloyan are one of the three major divisions into which the humans of Gera classify themselves. Once dominant in all of mainland Gera, the largest populations of Waioloyan people are concentrated in the west of the mainland and the Laseet Island Chain. The Ebzesa peoples of Efsisi are a unique group. Though they speak Mighelayn languages and trace some of their ancestry back to Mighelayn merchants who settled Efsisi 1600 years ago, they are primarily Waioloyan, both in ancestry and appearance. In addition, the Baryan people have a significant portion of Waioloyan ancestry, though they are considered Netkhal by the people of the Snow Empire. Though the Gristokre people have traditionally been considered Waioloyan, Geran scholarly consensus has been moving in the direction that they are their own unique group linguistically, culturally, and even in terms of appearance, and should therefore not be classified as Waioloyan, but as some other group.

Waioloyan Subgroups[]

The Waioloyan are traditionally divided into four groups, though there are only three if the Gristokre are not counted. The Wai and Lettyen primarily inhabit the east of the Snow Empire. Among the Wai, there are hundreds of distinct ethnic groups, though the Lettyen are more united culturally and linguistically. Most of the Laseet island chain is Lettyen, though northern Wai people primarily inhabit the duchy of Pilu. There is also a pocket of Southern Wai people stretching along most of Efsisi's southern coast, as well as one on the island of Pasivia. The Ebzesa once covered the large majority of the area now called Efsisi, though today they live in three primary pockets: far-west Efsisi, in the greater Sand City area, and another pocket in central-eastern Efsisi. The Gristokre live primarily in and around the Grist mountain range.


  • Northern Wai
  • Western Wai
  • Southern Wai


  • Lettyen


  • Core Ebzesa
  • Outer Ebzesa
  • Uzdisi


  • Ohrenuno
  • Kwalakle